during and after your treatment

During Your Treatment

During a Structural Decompression™ treatment the practitioner uses a hand-held tool that applies deep rhythmic, oscillating percussion to specific soft tissue zones (mainly muscle and fascia near bony structures). Contractures in each zone are systematically released, beginning with the hip-sacral-coccygeal area, proceeding up alongside the spine, all the way up to the Atlas (the first/ topmost cervical vertebra.) The release of the Atlas is often the most profound for people, unless they have significant hip/sciatica issues. After the entire hip/spine/neck complex has been freed up, some energetic and harmonizing work is performed to further lock in the stability f the treatment. An average treatment lasts about 2.5 hours.

Most people find the majority of the experience relaxing and even meditative at times, but there are always areas of tenderness and vulnerability. The practitioner of Structural Decompression™ is trained to always begin gently with each new positioning of the tool so that if an injured, tender or vulnerable spot is encountered, the practitioner can work with lighter pressure until it is safe to proceed. It is the norm that when an area of tenderness is encountered, a little light pressure with incremental building of intensity can usually eliminate the tenderness. Because of this ease in adaptability, the technique is safe and effective for children and elderly, as well as for the feeble and the strong.

After Your Treatment

The increased freedom in the neck hips and spine often comes with a mild sense of euphoria, albeit with some soreness. The soreness in many improves every day; in others, depending on how much toxin was locked in the tissues and their ability to process that toxin, there can be lingering soreness for some time.

  • You will have greater freedom of movement — usually more freedom than you have had since childhood.
  • You will have far less pain.
  • You will have a deep, wonderful and satisfying night’s sleep.
  • You will be taller—Seriously! Compression along the spine shortens its length; decompressing the contractures lengthens. There is always at least 1/16” growth, but as much as an inch is seen. Commonly, people measure about 3/8” taller after a Structural Decompression™ treatment.
  • After a treatment you should plan on not doing any high-impact activity (running, jumping, moderate to heavy weight bearing, twisting with weight, etc.) for an average of 4-5 days. Some people can return to this kind of activity in just 2 days; others need to wait a week or more.
  • You will notice that when you breathe, your chest expands more and you take in more air.
  • It is important that you should avoid strenuous activity for about 4 days after a Structural Decompression™ treatment, especially any activity that stresses a joint or puts unilateral/ a-symmetrical tension on your joints. This includes running, and most weight lifting, high-impact anything. Yoga too should be practiced in the days that follow a treatment only with restraint. It is common to feel a great deal more flexible after a treatment, and it can be tempting to allow yourself to stretch a little further than you are accustomed. THIS IS DANGEROUS! The releases from a Structural Decompression™ treatment will leave the joints less supported than they were before the treatment and over-stretching can cause slippage. The rule of thumb is this: FOR AT LEAST 5-7 DAYS AFTER A TREATMENT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STRETCH ANY FURTHER THAN YOU WERE ABLE TO STRETCH THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT.
  • You will be given printed “After Care” information to help you to maintain your new stability and freedom.
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