re-align your entire primary skeletal structure

Structural Decompression™ is a comprehensive technique that in just one treatment can re-align your entire primary skeletal structure and the restore freedom of movement and freedom from pain by dispelling soft tissue contractures.

Structural Decompression™ utilizes a mechanical device that applies oscillating percussion at key soft tissue release points for the Atlas and the “5 Axes” of the body. The series of releases begins at the tailbone and hips, and proceeds all the way up the spine to include the Atlas (the 1st cervical vertebra).

The importance of a correctly aligned Atlas is well-known. The vertebral foramen (the hole inside each vertebra) of the Atlas is the junction where the spinal cord fuses with the brain stem (specifically, the medulla oblongata portion of the brain stem). A twisted Atlas can influence a multitude of neurological, physical, and even hormonal issues. (See below for a list of conditions relieved or cured by a corrected Atlas.)


“The 5 Axes” are 5 muscle groups identified in classical Chinese medicine, which serve as the primary stabilization for our spine, our neck, and our hips. Injury, and various (improper) postural habits and unsound habits of movement can cause uneven tension within one or more axis. This leads to various “adaptations” or “compensations” within the affected axis, the product of which is contained in a soft tissue contracture. The 5 Axes stabilize, move, and uphold (literally) the three major bony cavities of the body (pelvis, thorax, and cranium) as well as the spine. Classical Chinese medicine emphasizes the absolute importance of the 5 Axes in maintaining good posture, freedom of movement, freedom from pain, as well as proper free exchange of qi, blood, and fluids between upper and lower, front and back. The comprehensive design of Structural Decompression Technique dispels the primary contractures in all 5 Axes.


Structural Decompression™ works on a somewhat opposite principle from traditional chiropractic in that the primary focus is on the dispersion of contractures within the soft tissue, such as knots and shortened tendons. There are, these days, many nuanced techniques in chiropractic medicine, but traditional, or “straight”, chiropractic is marked by the manipulation of joints and bony structures to reverse subluxation and relieve tension. Structural Decompression™, in contrast, restores elasticity to the soft tissue surrounding the joints with the assumption that the bony structures will find their natural seat once tension has been removed from all directions. There is no “adjusting” and no joint manipulation whatsoever in Structural Decompression™. The idea is that if the contracture that is pulling the joint is converted into healthy elasticity, then nothing prevents the joint from sliding itself naturally into its proper seat. When this happens, there is nothing to inhibit the freedom of movement related to that structure and no constriction remaining to persist pain while moving it. The specially-designed tool used during a Structural Decompression™ treatment can reach areas that massage therapists find extremely difficult or impossible to work on for any length of time. And utilizing discoveries made by the great inventor, Nicola Tesla, the frequency at which the tool percusses/oscillates can loosen contractures much faster than hands and fingers, allowing a comprehensive release literally from head to tail (tailbone, that is).
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