My atlas is holding with the help of your major skills. My chiropractor says "incredible" every time I go to see her and she test my neck. No one has ever thought outside the box for me on this one, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I can't express how grateful I am for all that you have done for the sake of my neck. I appreciate it so much.
I’ve tried many treatments over the years and Structural Decompression from Atlas 33 treatment was, perhaps, the most profound. As soon as I got off the table, my legs were identical lengths, my neck range of motion increased by 45 degrees both ways, I was over half and inch taller, and my body moved with an ease like I had never experienced before. I felt like I had a spinal transplant! From my experience, I believe this is the best way to obtain the deepest structural reset of your body.
Blake G.
Lubbock, TX.
I recently had a Structural Decompression treatment from John. WOW; what a treat! I felt clean and deeply energized after the treatment and like my spine was filled with oil; movements seemed to be especially smooth and “slick” feeling. A friend of mine said that I looked like I had gone on a week’s vacation! Go for it!
Terrie M.
Jemez Springs, NM
As a long-time sufferer of lower back pain and most recently, herniated discs in my neck, I had the opportunity to work with John Heuertz and have Structural Decompression Technique therapy when he visited Element Natural Healing Arts in Brooklyn, New York. I am a 45 year-old woman who has always been very physically active and physically fit. A recent MRI of my cervical spine showed two neck herniations at C5-6 & C6-7 with significant disc bulges at C3-4 & C4-5. I also have mild stenosis & arthritis in both my neck and my lower back. My acupuncturist, suggested that I work with John Heuertz and have his Structural Decompression Technique done. Since my treatment, I have had virtually NO PAIN in my neck or lower back area. My pain and symptoms have literally disappeared. I am no longer taking prescription pain medication and my range of motion has returned to 100% in my neck! I feel taller, my posture is spot-on perfect, I am able to breathe easier, my allergies have disappeared and I have slept more soundly since my treatment than I have in months. I would highly recommend Structural Decompression Technique for anyone—especially those who suffer from neck/back pain. I am planning to meet with John again, for a follow-up treatment! Even if you do not suffer from any aches and pains, this Technique will make you feel amazing! I honestly feel better than I have felt in years thanks to this treatment!
Beth B.
Nyack, New York
As I write this, I am still integrating the work and am sure I will be doing so for many days/weeks to come. One thing I can say is that my head feels like there is more space inside; it no longer feels as if I’m going to have a headache any minute. During the second half of the treatment I released an inordinate amount of mucous and toxins. I wonder if there was a lot of stagnation in the lymph system in my head causing the headaches. As he did the neck work, more and more “snotty junk” released. Amazing! The headaches were my main area of concern when I came in for the treatment yesterday and now they are gone.
Akkadian M.
Truth or Consequences, NM
I have received dozens of modalities of bodywork over the years and I am able to report that John’s knowledge, skill and sensitivity in the use of this technique was the most successful work I have ever experienced in one session. He was able to re-pattern my body at the deepest levels. He released many restrictions in the body, some of which had existed for over 40 years. My posture has improved and my spine and body have returned to a position which allows a much greater freedom of movement. My body is able to move in one piece. What a wonder! The difference between Structural Decompression and other forms of body work is that it does not separate the body into parts (treat one area, one aspect at a time). It works with parts of the body as well as the relation of the parts to the whole and all patterns of the body’s movement in the most efficient way. It creates more space for the body to move as a unity.
Eigen V.
Truth or Consequences, NM
Doctor Heuertz has made the most impact in restoring my health and helping me to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I was experiencing severe back pain from multiple car accidents that affected my entire back area, shoulders, and neck. The whole treatment is an extensive work up of the spine, shoulder, neck and pelvis area. During the treatment I realized so many of my muscles were tight and also felt relief in areas I was not aware of before. After the treatment, my pain was minimized and I could turn my head right and left further than ever before. I also noticed that my body stretched its natural state and my right shoulder stopped hurting to a minimal extent. I tell anyone and everyone about the astounding results that I have experienced personally with Dr. Heuertz’ treatments. His goal is not only to bring quantity of years to the people he is treating but also quality to those years.
Rahelle R.
Albuquerque, NM
I have had many years of Atlas orthogonal treatments, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustments, and even a TMJ stint to keep my atlas in line. I have had hip issues from running and muscular imbalances that have lead to stooped shoulders. The techniques Dr Heuertz uses have shown more lasting progress than all the years of treatments combined. Highly recommended.
Bill S.
Albuquerque, NM
It was one thing to hear about what this treatment could do and quite another to have the experience. Now, a few days after the treatment, I am aware that my spine, neck and other areas John worked on have more space between the vertebrae, which is why I have significantly increased range of motion. I am so happy to have had this experience and will go for tuneups in the future.
Karen L.
Albuquerque, NM
Structural Decompression is amazing! The treatment is designed to target joints, key acupuncture points, musculature, ligaments and tendons that can inhibit movement and result in pain if left untreated. It’s like getting over 2 hours of intensive deep tissue bodywork. The results are incredible—within a few days of my treatment, my body is less achy, my range of motion has improved immensely, and my body feels lighter and taller. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with chronic pain, old injuries or trauma, or tightness from stress and repetitive activities. — Kristin K., Albuquerque, NM
Kristin K.
I am a Parkinson’s patient and have lived for years in pain. I moved very slowly. I was unable to turn in bed without considerable pain and trouble. It was painful and slow to take my first step upon getting out of a chair or a car seat, or out of bed! I heard of Dr. Heuertz’s Structural Decompression Technique and made an appointment with him, hoping he could help me. He was absolutely amazing! When I left his office after this treatment, I was pain free! I felt great! My posture was better and I could move more quickly – and without pain. It has been some time now since my treatment and I still feel so good! I feel like I have a “new lease on life” and I would recommend this treatment for anyone living with back pain. Dr. Heuertz is terrific!
Marie R.
Albuquerque, NM
I didn’t know how bad I needed this treatment until after I was finished. My range of motion in my neck improved dramatically. I didn’t notice how bad my neck and shoulders hurt until they didn’t hurt anymore. I had to move every mirror in my car as if someone else had driven last because I was sitting so much taller. But it gets even better! My husband encouraged me to have a follow up treatment so I did. Amazing results again! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone. Even if you don’t “feel” like you need it, I know you’ll feel better after!
Elizabeth R.
Albuquerque, NM

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