It is important that you plan properly for after your treatment:

The guiding principle of Structural Decompression™ is to free up the tension that is holding structures in uncomfortable and unhealthy positions, allowing normal, unstressed movement to re-position every affected structure so that it slips into its natural seat in order to function with full mobility and freedom of movement. Caution, therefore, is stressed for the days that follow a treatment to avoid tension in the joints and over-stretching. Right after a treatment is an optimal time for forming new habits of posture and movement that can be locked in.

You should avoid strenuous activity for about 4 days after a Structural Decompression™ treatment, especially any activity that stresses a joint or puts unilateral/ a-symmetrical tension on your joints. This includes running, most weight lifting, and high-impact anything.

Yoga too should be practiced in the days that follow a treatment only with restraint. It is common to feel a great deal more flexible after a treatment, and it can be tempting to allow yourself to stretch a little further than you are accustomed. THIS IS DANGEROUS! The releases from a Structural Decompression™ treatment will leave the joints less supported than they were before the treatment and over-stretching can cause slippage in the joints. The rule of thumb for yoga is this: FOR AT LEAST 5-7 DAYS AFTER A TREATMENT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STRETCH ANY FURTHER THAN YOU WERE ABLE TO STRETCH THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT.


Wear clothing that is loose fitting. Even jeans, if they are loose fitting, work well. We use oil around the neck area, so it is a good idea to wear a shirt that you don’t mind getting a little oil on. Old T-shirts are great!


About 35% of the people who get this treatment done feel a bit “loopy” at the end of it. This is due to toxin (and emotion) being released from the tissues. Of this 35% about half need someone to drive them home after the treatment. We recommend having someone drop you off and picking you up about 2.5 hours later.

One’s frame of mind plays a big role in health. Because Structural Decompression™ is such a deep and comprehensive treatment, because it releases holding patterns in primary structures, the potential for change is huge. The people who benefit most from deep treatments like this one come to their appointment with optimism and a readiness to make some changes. In the case of Structural Decompression™ the changes that stand out are those that connect our bodies to our attitudes as expressed through posture, habitual ways of moving, and the places we hold tension. Releasing the contractures that hold these patterns in place and drive us to repeat them over and over frees us to form new, healthier habits.
Acute Illness

If you are contagious at the time you have a treatment scheduled, you will need to re-schedule. Re-scheduling or cancellation charges may apply.

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